Get Your House in Order is the brand-new series featuring out-of-control consumers whose quality of life is being buried under their mounds of excessive but potentially valuable possessions. On hand to help each case transform their lives are two experts; dealer of antiques and artefacts, Nick Allen, and interior designer Abigail Ahern.

Forty two-year-old lab technician Barry Phillips’ harmless hobby has now become a living nightmare. An avid collector of all things TV-related, his hoard includes over 4500 CDs, hundreds of unopened Doctor Who toys, and over 5000 copies of the Radio Times. With nearly every room in his house crammed high with the hoard, Barry realises something needs to change, particularly as he hopes to be able to invite his relatives over more often. Abigail plans to give Barry a retro bachelor retreat design scheme that will inspire him not to re-clutter his home again, and she needs nearly £3000 to achieve it. But with Barry initially showing little signs of wanting to let go of his hoard, Nick will have his work cut out for him if he’s to make enough money for Abigail’s redesign.

Old habits die hard, and it takes a hypnotherapy session and a frank talking to from his brother Mark before Barry is willing to part with some of his possessions. First up, Nick takes Barry to a Doctor Who convention in a bid to shift Barry’s huge memorabilia collection, and enlists the help of Doctor number 6, Colin Baker, to help them sell it. Then Nick puts his bargaining skills to good use and gets a handy sum for Barry’s vintage radios and family silver. It’s an emotional journey, and Nick and Abigail have done their best to get Barry back on track. But will Barry stick to his side of the bargain and keep his house in order for good?

Tonight, Channel 4, 8PM