Glee: A new roommate for Rachel and Kurt, and a shock kiss in new episode, Diva!

by Anna Howell

The latest episode of US musical teen drama, Glee, is a bit of a tearjerker as it concentrates on sympathy and emotion as opposed to its usual, slightly more spiteful antics of the teens.

To start with Finn joins forces with Emma in a bid to toughen up the new-look Glee club so that they stand a chance of winning at regionals and the way they decide to do this is to find McKinley’s biggest diva.

Meanwhile Santana is drafted in to give the members of New Directions a master class on how to be a diva, and demonstrates nicely by confronting Brittany over her relationship with Sam, whilst rubbing her new cheerleader girlfriend in her face and bullying ‘Trouty Mouth’ into a ‘Make No Mistake, She’s Mine’ sing-off for Brittany’s heart.

Having taken inspiration by this boldness, Tina decides to take control and go after Blaine.

Arriving at his house, Tina admits that she is falling in love with him and launches into a heartfelt declaration of her hopes and dreams for the future, not realising till the end that he has actually fallen asleep after taking medicine for his cold.

However, despite being deeply upset by this, she still doses him up with vapour rub and tucks him in before lying down next to him.

Later on though she gets a grip on herself and shows Blaine exactly how she feels and his insensitivity by performing a fierce rendition of Madonna’s Hung Up!

Later, it is revealed that Santana has dropped out of college, which prompts Sue to offer her the Cheerios coaching job, which Brittany urges her not to take saying she does not want her to come back to Ohio just for her because she is happy with Sam – advice which Santana takes, leaving the high school for good singing Alicia Keys’ ‘Girl on Fire’, on her way.

Elsewhere, Kurt and Rachel have been having a few issues, mainly because Rachel’s prima donna attitude is driving Kurt insane, forcing him to decide to bring her back down to earth.

Of course this means a sing off, with Rachel spitefully reminding Kurt that last time they entered into such a challenge she wiped the floor with, which Kurt cannot resist admitting he threw for the sake of his father, leaving Rachel rather deflated!

A sing-off they have, however, and this time Kurt rightfully takes the title of champion which sparks another battle of spiteful words when they are interrupted by Santana, who strolls casually into their apartment announcing that she’s moving in.

Finally, the shock kiss we mentioned in the headline comes from Finn kissing Emma to quieten her down during a mad fluster about the wedding…..

Watch a clip from Diva in the clip below: