Glee: Adam Lambert welcomed into show with open arms

by Martin

Adam Lambert is set to make his ‘Glee’ debut later this week when he appears in the episode ‘A Lady Or A Gaga’ where he will perform the Lady Gaga hit ‘Marry The Night’.

For months now people have speculated his role on the hit musical show but now we know he’ll play Elliott ‘Starchild’ Gilbert and looks set to be the nemesis for Kurt Hummel.

Earlier today you may remember we reported that Adam Lambert had mentioned in an interview that he had previously auditioned to be on ‘Glee’ but was told he was too old.

In another interview the vocal powerhouse has discussed ‘Glee’ further by talking about being invited to joining the show and how the family like cast welcomed him “with open arms”.

Adam Lambert 2

Speaking with the Miami Herald Lambert explained how exciting his role as Elliott ‘Starchild’ Gilbert was to play and that he was accepted into the cast like he was a returning member:

“They all know each other so well and the show so well that it’s like a family. They are all really talented, and I’ve gone through a lot of on-the-spot learning about being in front of the camera.”

On the 2nd of November Adam performed at the 19th Annual InterContinental Miami Make-A-Wish-Ball and he spoke about how excited he was to be taking part because he’s a big supporter of the charity and he loves the city of Miami:

“I love, love it there. First of all, the atmosphere, the vibe, the beautiful scenery. And the humidity. I don’t know — it keeps me moisturized! I always feel really rejuvenated when I’m there.”


He added: “I’ve been aware of Make-A-Wish for a long time and have granted a few wishes myself. I love the organization, it’s so hopeful. So I jumped at the chance.”

Adam Lambert is set to make his ‘Glee’ debut on the 7th of November and we’re sure that ‘Gleeks’ and ‘Glamberts’ will unite and I for one can’t wait to see the viewing figures the following day.

‘Marry The Night’ is the track Adam Lambert will perform on the show and Adam recently released the track in full for fans to hear ahead of his debut on ‘Glee’.

Have a listen below.

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  1. Linda on November 5, 2013 at 3:15 am

    OMG! So much power and emotion. He took the song into the stratosphere as usual. He is too good for today’s pop music. I’m really curious to know who he is working with on the third cd which is going to have a rock flavour.

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