Glee ‘Bash’ spoilers: Here’s FIVE things we know – Kurt feels the force of an emotional hate crime

Glee: Bash

Glee: Bash

One of the things that the characters on Glee have to realise now, is that they’re not in school anymore. They’re not protected by their parents anymore, and they have to live in the big wide world.

On last night’s episode, we saw the Glee cast take to New York City for the first chapter in their new lives, but next week, things go a little pear shaped. There’s fallouts, and there’s one massive crime that brings everyone back together. It looks like it’s going to be an emotional one.

Life in the Big City isn’t easy…

As we saw on last night’s episode of Glee, life isn’t easy in New York City. Sam couldn’t be bothered getting a job, and Artie got mugged of his belongings. In the trailer that has been released ahead of next week’s episode titled ‘Bash’, Mercedes tells Sam that they’re in the real world now, they don’t have high school anymore, they don’t have those safety barriers.

Glee: Bash

There’s a fall out

There’s going to be a huge fallout on next week’s episode as tensions begin to run high once again. It’s the same story of kids leaving high school, trying to make it in the real world, and it all gets a little too much. Friendships start to strain a little, as Kurt tells Rachel to go and screw herself after she tells him that his problem is, is that he’s afraid of actually becoming a real adult. We’re not sure what precedes this situation, but it seems to strain their friendship.

The Big Apple strikes again

Last week, we saw Artie become the victim of a crime in the subway, in which someone mugged him of his bag, which subsequently contained his laptop. This week, the Big Apple is going to strike again as Kurt feels the force of a horrible hate crime. In the trailer, we see a group of thugs laying into Kurt and beating him to a pulp. We’re lead to believe that it’s a homophobic hate crime against Kurt due to his sexual orientation. The synopsis also states that another victim Russ is involved in some way as well.

Glee: Bash

The group come back together

The group can’t fall out for too long as we see Mercedes, Artie, Sam, Blaine, and Rachel all gathered around Kurt’s hospital bed after the awful scene. Will Kurt be okay? We also know that Kurt’s father will guest star next week, as the attack leads to an emotional scene between the pair.

Rachel leads a vigil

Things get heated between friends sometimes, and it looks like that is the case on next week’s episode. The attack prompts Rachel to sing in a candelight vigil in light of the attack.

Mike O’Malley and Whoopi Goldberg are set to guest star on next week’s episode.

Glee continues on Tuesday, April 8 at 8/7c on FOX!



  1. glamity58 on April 3, 2014 at 3:51 am

    I would love to see how Elliot (Adam Lambert) deals with Kurt’s injury. I bet he would be great, the true voice of reason while everyone gets hysterical and wants to take action. I miss him already.

  2. Val on April 4, 2014 at 7:27 am

    I hope he dies.

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