Glee: Corey Monteith checks out of rehab!

by Anna Howell

Corey Monteith as Finn Hudson in Glee Season 3

Glee star, Corey Monteith, has checked himself out of rehab, E Online! reports!

Monteith, who has a history of substance abuse, voluntarily admitted himself into a ‘treatment facility’ for substance addiction at the beginning of the month, with the full support of his girlfriend, and Glee co-star, Lea Michelle.

According to the publication the actor was spotted with Lea Michelle, who plays Rachel Berry in the show, at an airport, looking relaxed and pleased to see each other, smiling the whole time.

Monteith also took to social networking site, Twitter, to thank his fans and cast mates for their continual support, saying:

‘sending out big love to everyone. thank you for the continued support! It means the world to me! :)’

A representative of the star, who plays Finn in the hit US show broadcast over here on Sky One, released a statement at the time of his admission saying:

“Cory Monteith has voluntarily admitted himself into a treatment facility for substance addiction. He graciously asks for your respect and privacy as he takes the necessary steps towards recovery,”

The actor, who plays Finn in the hit US teen musical drama has had repeated issues with addiction in the past and has admitted to Prada magazine in 2011 that he was lucky to be alive after going off the rails at just 16 years old.

After attending 12 different schools, including alternative programs for troubled teens, he eventually quit school at the age of 16. By that time, his drug and alcohol addiction had increased and Monteith turned to petty crimes, such as stealing money from friends and family, in order to fund his addictions. The turning point in Monteith’s life came when his mother and a group of friends staged an intervention, and he was sent to rehab at 19.

Looking back, Monteith stated “I’m lucky on so many counts—I’m lucky to be alive.” He eventually received his high school diploma in 2011 from an alternative school he had attended in his youth in Victoria, British Columbia.

Watch an interview with Monteith discussing his troubled past in the clip below: