Glee: Lea Michele talks “exciting storyline” with Adam Lambert

by Martin

Lea Michele

Earlier this week we found out that Adam Lambert’s appearance on hit TV show ‘Glee’ would definitely be only as a guest star and nothing more.

The reason behind this came from a rep who said he had a busy 2014 planned with new material and an album being put together as we speak.

Adam has also said himself that his future on ‘Glee’ is all “up in the air”¬†however we do know he’s in the process of filming though we don’t know how much longer he’ll appear.

Lea Michele who plays Rachel Berry on the show has tweeted on occasion saying she’s working with him and has now opened up about a storyline with Lambert’s character Elliott ‘Starchild’ Gilbert.

Adam Lambert

These storylines are set to shake things up on the show when it returns from a hiatus on the 25th of February 2014.

Lea Michele spoke with MTV News about playing Rachel Berry and spoke about Adam Lambert’s character and said the pair will form a friendship with each other:

“You guys have no idea. It’s so exciting. [Ryan Murphy] calls me every day and gives me all the scoop.”

“I know that me and Adam have a really exciting story line coming up. [Lambert’s] Elliott and [my character] Rachel become really good friends. And there’s a big Santana and Rachel shocker coming out in February.”

Lea Michele 2

The beauty also teased titles for future episodes and said”¬†“I think that the next two episodes coming up, I think they’re called ‘Frenemies’ and ‘Trio,’ are my two favorite episodes that we’ve done so far this season.”

“I haven’t seen them yet, but they were the most fun to shoot. So I can’t wait for you guys to see what’s gonna happen. It is [juicy]. I read the scripts and I was like ‘Oh my god.'”

As we said ‘Glee’ will return from a hiatus on the 25th of February 2014.

Below you can listen to Lea Michele’s single ‘Cannonball’ which is taken from her forthcoming album ‘Louder’.


  1. glamity58 on December 14, 2013 at 4:08 pm

    The two best singers on the planet, Lea and Adam….can’t wait. They should have their own show and sing together often! Adam first should tour with Queen and make his album, but throw in a few Glee shows here and there. We need more exposure from him instead of these mediocre, mundane pop singers out there. Thanks Unreality TV for all the cover of Adam.

  2. glamity58 on December 14, 2013 at 4:09 pm

    BTW, I can’t wait for Lea’s album. Love this song. I hope she does well for a long time. I’d love to see her in concert. Or maybe a concert someday with her and Adam.

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