Glee ‘Old Dog, New Tricks’ SPOILERS: Kurt lands himself a lead role & Rachel starts an animal rescue charity!

Glee: The Back-up Plan

Glee 'Old Dogs, New Tricks' - Kurt in Peter Pan

Glee continues next week, and it’s a very special episode for one of the cast members as ‘Old Dog, New Tricks’ was written by Chris Colfer who plays the role of Kurt on the show.

From the trailer that has been released, we know that Kurt will land himself a leading role in a production of Peter Pan on next week’s episode, and in a bid to restore some of her good image, Rachel decides to start a rescue charity for animals. Head on inside for everything we know.

Naya Rivera is still here!

Okay, so after all the rumours of Naya Rivera being fired from Glee, we can confirm that she’s still very much on next week’s episode. Reports suggest that she’s been written out of the season 5 finale, but she will definitely appear next week. So, now we’ve got that out of the way…

Kurt lands himself a leading role

Great news for Kurt after the disaster of last night’s episode, he lands himself a leading role on next week’s episode, but it’s not quite as glamorous a Rachel’s Broadway gig. The Peter Pan production is taking place in a retirement home for former Broadway stars.

Glee 'Old Dog, New Tricks' - Rachel Berry

Rachel’s reputation is on the line

Rachel has some making up to do on next week’s episode after her reputation is on the line. Skuttling off for that TV pilot audition and missing a performance of Funny Girl wasn’t the best idea she’s ever had. What makes it worse is that she lied to the producers. On next week’s episode, she’s engulfed in quite a storm, and she hires Santana as her publicist to try and claw back some of the reputation that she’s lost.

Rachel starts an animal rescue charity

In a bid to get everyone to restore their faith in her, Rachel starts her own rescue charity on next week’s episode. Rachel is a bit of a people pleaser, and it gets her down that people don’t think she’s a good person. So, Rachel gets her publicist, Santana to set up a charity for rescue animals. The girls organise an all-female musical gala to benefit a local dog shelter. Unfortunately, Rachel realises that there’s quite the line between being a good person and just looking like a good person. She discovers that she’s more of the latter than anything else.


Sam adopts a puppy

As Rachel starts her new charity, Sam decides to adopt himself a puppy to show Mercedes that he’s responsible, and dependable, so she will consider him to be ‘husband material’. It isn’t long until it backfires as the dog ends up trashing the apartment and eating Mercedes’ weave.

Kurt is down…

On next week’s episode, Kurt is actually quite down and feeling sad because he feels like he’s trailing behind everyone else. Shirley MacLaine’s character has taken a shining to Blaine, when it should have been him she was interested in, Rachel has massive things in the pipeline, Mercedes has her recording career… and he has a retirement home production of Peter Pan.

Glee continues next Tuesday on FOX!