Glee ‘Old Dog, New Tricks’ spoilers: Rachel’s reputation is on the line & Kurt nabs a leading role

Glee 100 Rachel

Glee 'Old Dogs, New Tricks' - Kurt in Peter Pan

It was announced a while back that Chris Colfer would be penning his own episode of Glee this season, and we finally have some deets on the episode.

We know that the episode is titled ‘Old Dogs, New Tricks’, and Colfer recently admitted that he wanted to focus  on old people or animals. It looks like he’s incorporated both!

In a quite a large summary from FOX, we know that Rachel’s reputation is going to take quite the knock on the May 6 episode, and she hires Santana as her publicist. Rachel’s aim is to calm the storm that she’s currently engulfed in, thanks to some Broadway rent-a-gobs.

Why is Rachel under fire? Well, it gets out that she skipped a performance of Funny Girl to audition for a TV pilot, which we’ll actually see on the April 29 episode titled ‘Back-Up Plan’! What’s worse is that she lied to the producers about her gig, and the news has hit the press, and the proverbial hits the fan. Is this the end of Rachel Berry after she’s worked so hard to get where she is?

Glee 'Old Dog, New Tricks' - Rachel Berry

In a bid to do something good, and even up her karma, Rachel gets her publicist, Santana to create a charity for rescue animals. The girls organize an all-female musical gala to benefit a local dog shelter, and Sam actually ends up adopting a dog. Why? So he can prove to Mercedes that he’s responsible, and dependable, so she will consider him as ‘husband material’. It isn’t long before it backfires as the dog ends up trashing the apartment, and eats Mercedes’ weave.

Unfortunately, Rachel’s troubles still aren’t resolved when she realises that there’s quite a line between looking like a good person, and being a good person. At the moment, she feels like she’s simply the former, and maybe the gala was organized for all the wrong reasons.

Anywho, the episode isn’t all about animals and drama, as Kurt manages to steal the lead role in a production of Peter Pan… but, it’s taking place in a retirement home. It hardly compares to Rachel’s Broadway gig, right?

Kurt is feeling down on the episode as everyone else seems to be having quite a bit of success, and he feels like he’s lagging behind ever so slightly. He ends up befriending Maggie Banks, who currently resides in a senior-citizens home for retired performers.

The star jumps at the chance to perform in the retirement home production of Peter Pan, and he also tries to make a positive different in the lives of Maggie, and her friends.

The ‘Old Dogs, New Tricks’ episode of Glee will air on May 6 on FOX!

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