Glee ‘Previously Unaired Christmas’ spoilers: Kurt, Santana & Rachel help out at the mall & Christmas comes to McKinley

by Nick Barnes

Glee Previously Unaired Christmas Kurt Rachel Santana

Glee continues this evening on FOX and it’s Christmas in New York & at McKinley High, but it’s safe to say that not everyone is in the Christmas spirit.

On tonight’s episode titled ‘Previously Unaired Christmas’, Sue Sylvester introduces the show as the episode that FOX didn’t allow to air last Christmas.

It’s a typical holiday episode from Glee as Kurt, Santana and are celebrating the festive period in New York and the Glee kids are at McKinley High.

At McKinley this evening, the kids audition for a living nativity set. We know that Becca Tobin’s Kitty gets the role of the Virgin Mary.

Elsewhere, we have Blake Jenner’s Ryder as a shepherd and Jacob Artist’s Jake plays Joseph. Jenna Ushkowitz rocks a fake mustache as her character Tina plays the role of one of the three wise men and Lauren Potter’s Becky stands in as the face of Baby Jesus.

Glee Previously Unaired Christmas Rachel Berry

The Glee Club also decorate the rehearsal room with a Christmas tree and decorations and they sing a few ever-popular Christmas hits.

Over in New York, the trio end up helping out at the local mall working as Santa’s elves, but Santa isn’t exactly the nicest man in town as he rips into Kurt for looking directly at him.

“Don’t ever look directly at me again…” Santa tells Kurt.

However, being an elf is a very tiring and demanding job and Santana is feeling it. So, she takes it upon herself to have a little break to soak in the tub! She tells Rachel: “[I’m] taking a much needed break. It is exhausting playing a slutty elf”.


Back at McKinley High, Sue Sylvester doesn’t look to be getting into the Christmas spirit – but then again, when does Sue ever get involved in festivities? They might have to chase her down the corridor again but this time, singing Christmas carols.

Thee likes of ‘Here Comes Santa Claus’, ‘Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree’, ‘Mary’s Little Boy Child’, ‘The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late)’, ‘Love Child’ and ‘Away in a Manger’ will all be performed on the Christmas spectacular.

Following tonight’s episode, the show will take a hiatus for a number of weeks before returning in February, 2014.