Glee season 2: Jane Lynch admits Gwyneth Paltrow is ‘a quadruple threat’

Glee actress Jane Lynch has praised Gwyneth Paltrow and admitted that she was surprised by her talent when she filmed a recent guest appearance for the show.

Speaking to The Sun’s Buzz magazine, the star most famous as McKinley High cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester said:

“She can deliver the goods…She’s a quadruple threat. We knew she could act, we knew she was gorgeous, but she sings and dances amazingly well too.”

And for those left wanting more when Gwyneth showed up as a subsistute teacher on the hit musical show, you’re in luck! She’s coming back next season and she’ll even get to kiss the delectable Matthew Morrison for her trouble. Jane added:

“We worked her so hard I thought we’d never see her again…But she wants more!”

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