Glee season 3: Choke Spoilers – Florence & The Machine, Alice Cooper, Puck’s Dad & Whoopi Goldberg!

The upcoming episode of Glee has a LOT to offer for all you dedicated Gleeks out there.

As we draw ever closer to the series finale, things are heating up around McKinley High, as the new Directions prepare for The Nationals and graduation!

Tonight, the group deliver a very spirited cover of Florence & the Machine‘s ‘Shake It Out,’ which we were slightly concerned about when we heard they would be performing the iconic track. Florence has such a recognisable and individual voice, that it could have been hard for the team to do the song justice, but we think you’ll agree from listening below, that they definitely do the feisty red head proud.

The rendition will be delivered in the episode – titled ‘Choke’ – by the ever talented Mercedes, Brittany, Tina and Sugar, in the hallway of the school.

Also in Choke, Puck (Mark Salling) is finally forced to deal with his daddy issues, when his dad comes to town to talk about his future. The role of Mr Puckerman Sr will be taken on by Melrose Place star Thomas Calabro. It’s fair to say that Puck isn’t impressed by his dad’s sudden appearance, or by what he has to say and vents his frustration by taking on “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper.

Meanwhile, also guest starring in the episode is the legendary Ghost actress Whoopi Goldberg.

The time is now for Kurt and Rachel and in Choke, the two Broadway wannabes take on their NYADA auditions. However their nerves move up a notch, when they discover they will be trying out for the school’s dean, Carmen Tibideaux, played by Whoopi herself. From the look of the promo below, it’s fair to say that rachel at least runs into some issues on stage.

Choke will air in the US tonight on Fox and in the UK on Sky One on 3rd May. For more pictures, spoilers and videos, click here.