Glee season 3 spoilers: Finale ‘Goodbye’ pictures, videos, Gloria Estefan and is Tina leaving?

Glee draws to the end of it’s third season tomorrow night in the US – that flew by right? – and after graduation we’ll be saying goodbye to our favourite McKinley High students, some for good.

The seniors from the Glee club are moving onto pastures new and while we know Rachel Berry, Kurt and Finn will all be back for a fourth season, Matthew Morrison (Mr S) has confirmed that some of the major characters we have grown to love, will be departing the hit Fox drama in the season finale.

One of the big storylines that will play out during the episode, is Santana’s mother showing up. The role of Maribel Lopez is taken on by hot Latina singer herself Gloria Estefan and she described how she and showrunner Ryan Murphy envisioned her character saying:

“The way Ryan and I imagine Maribel is that she had the musical talent, but she put her life on hold because she got pregnant and probably helped put her husband through med school. Since Santana’s tough-cookie grandma was probably rough on Maribel — maybe even instrumental in making her decide against going after her music career — it makes Maribel want to see Santana really fly and be successful.”

One of the other big focuses in the installment is the goodbyes shared between the central characters and Jane Lynch aka Sue Sylvester recently admitted that she broke down in tears while filming the farewell scenes between her alter ego and Quinn, as seen in the clip below.

Also featured in the promo is Kurt telling his boyfriend Blaine that he never wants to say goodbye to him, while Rachel and Finn make oaths of eternal love to one another.

Ryan Murphy recently spilled the beans on other characters who won’t be leaving, implying that Dianna Agron’s Quinn is safe and Amber Riley’s Mercedes will also be sticking around.

However he didn’t make any mention of Tina….could she be about to get the chop?

While many of the main players will be back and Murphy insisted that everyone had the option to return, that doesn’t mean they will do so as series regulars and in fact, many insiders say it’s very likely that at least a few will come back as guest stars only.

Watch the promo clip below and tell us, are you excited about the Glee season finale? Who do you want to see making a comeback? Leave your comments below.

‘Goodbye’ will air tomorrow night, 22nd May on Fox in the US and on Sky 1 on 24th May in the UK.


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  1. Lindsey on May 22, 2012 at 1:28 am

    Why is everyone speculating about Tina leaving? All the characters that were/are “leaving” are portraying seniors who are graduating. Jenna Ushkowitz’s Tina is painfully underutilized on the show… but is a junior. Unless Tina transfers or drops out, or Ushkowitz decides she wants to jump ship, Tina should be there next year just like Artie, Sam, or any other non-senior.

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