Glee season 3 spoilers: Preview and pictures of Michael Jackson tribute episode

by Lisa McGarry

Glee is going to ‘do’ Michael Jackson in an upcoming episode and we have some great behind the scenes photos of the special episode for you to enjoy.

The cast of the hit Fox musical show have all donned their sparkly gloves, red leather jackets and Jackson’s trademark fedoras for the tribute and we have to say, they all look pretty darn smooth.

In one shot, which was taken during a performance of “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ ” Darren Criss aka hunky Blaine is taking the lead, while wearing a black jacket and a red bow tie, Harry Shum Jr aka Mike joins him on stage, showing off a red leather jacket.

The songs won’t just be performed on McKinley High’s stage, but performances will also take place in the parking lot, the Glee Club choir room and the hallways….let’s hope the singers aren’t slushied for their efforts! And Mr Schuester gets in on the act, asking the kids ‘What Would Michael Jackson do?’ as part of one of their lessons.

Show creator Ryan Murphy revealed that he ran all his ideas past Michael Jackson’s three children before commencing shooting on the show and told TV Guide that the children liked the plans so much, that they have asked him to pen a second tribute for 2013.

He explained:

“Michael’s kids are somewhat fans of the show, so the estate was lovely. They liked the writing so much that halfway through the planning they asked us to do another one about him next year.”

The Jackson episode will also feature hit songs such as ‘Billie Jean’, ‘Smooth Criminal’ and ‘Bad’ and will air in the US on Tuesday, January 31 on FOX. The installment will hit the UK a few days later.