Glee season 3 spoilers: ‘Props’ ‘Nationals’ Lindsay Lohan and a Dallas like dream sequence – pictures, promos!

So prom is behind them and all the focus is on Nationals now for the singers of McKinley High in the upcoming epsiode of the hit Fox musical drama.

After all the drama of some of their final ever school dance, The New Directions will now move on to compete once more in the National Showchoir competition once more, hoping that this time they might actually win.

On the 15th May, US viewers will enjoy a massive double bill of their favourite show, as Fox air the episodes’Props’ and ‘Nationals’ back to back, for a two hour long Glee extravaganza.

In the installments, teachers Sue and Will are working hard to prepare their students for the big event, but it’s Sue that comes up with an unusual idea about the best way to train the ambitious performers.

Poor Tina has an accident and bangs her head off a water fountain, causing her to enter a dream like sequence where things are slightly different for New Directions.

She becomes the Rachel Berry of the group, while Puck turns into Blaine, Rory becomes Sam, Kurt transforms into his almost brother Finn, Joe is now Mike, and most amusingly, Mr Will Schuester becomes Cherrio’s coach Sue. For some reason, promo pictures show the ever handsome Puck dressed up in a ladies blonde wig.

Elsehwere, Lindsay Lohan is the big named guest star of the episode, showing up at Natioanls in the second episode.

She plays one of the famous judges on the panel, along with Rex Lee and acid tongued blogger Perez Hilton.

Songs performed for the competition will include Lady GaGa’s “The Edge of Glory”, which we cahoot wait to hear!

‘Props’and ‘Nationals’ will air on Tuesday, May 15 on FOX and later this month on UK’s Sky One.