Glee season 4 finale spoilers: Meredith Baxter talks about her cameo & making a statement


Meredith Baxter has said she was “delighted” to star in the season finale of Glee, which is set to air next week. She even hints at a few teasers.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the star spoke about being approached to appear, teasers surrounding the finale and even branding Chris Colfer and Darren Criss as “absolutely darling.”

In the interview, she said that she was personally approached to appear on the show, which she feels is the best way as it means people want her to star. In the final episode she stars alongside Patty Duke in which they both play a lesbian couple.

When asked about the upcoming engagement, she said that she wasn’t going to say anything about it – but we all know it’s happening. She even added: “There are several things that happen that are very exciting.”

Speaking about whether she was conscious of making a statement playing a lesbian role, she said: “I’m on Glee, I don’t have to make a social statement. It’s done. They are doing their jobs right there and just by being able to talk about how far we’ve come and being an example of that to these young boys, that’s a social statement and you don’t have to walk with a limp or a squinty eye to show ‘Oh, I’m gay. That’ll set me apart.’ People are just gay, it’s a sense of normalcy.”

Chris Colfer as Kurt Hummel in Glee Season 3

The actress said she was “delighted” to cameo in the final episode, but couldn’t comment on whether she would be returning in the next season with Patty to continue their role. In the episode, the pair explain their entire scope to Blaine and Kurt, explaining that prom was a different landscape when they were younger. They had to go to prom with boys and put on a brave face as there wasn’t the representation in schools – there was no gay/straight alliances. There was absolutely no discussion whether that be with parents or teachers.

Baxter couldn’t speak more highly of both Colfer and Criss, stating: “They were absolutely darling”.


“I would hope that people are saying ‘Oh, there’s people here who didn’t start high school in the 2000s. This is a mature couple. Look at these people’. You don’t have a lot of mature couples on television, gay or straight, so I think it’s nice to put the other end of the spectrum, to flesh it out and say that the populace is much larger than you might think.” She said when asked how she hopes people will react to her scenes with Patty Duke.


Could it be that Blaine proposes over dinner? Who knows! You’ll have to tune into the season finale of Glee at 9/8c this evening on FOX.

Take a look at the promo for the finale, below: