Glee Season 4 finale spoilers: New Directions head to Regionals and is that the sound of Wedding Bells?


Next week sees the season 4 finale of Glee but love is in the air and so is the sound of wedding bells, funnily enough. Not only that, the New Directions are heading to regionals.

The New Directions make their way to the Regional Championships in next week’s finale episode, and they are more determined than ever to get to Nationals and even take home the trophy.

In the promo that has been released, Will says: “We’ve struggled, we’ve endured, this is our moment!”


However, more excitingly, it seems like love is in the air and there could very well be a wedding on our screens. Who could be getting married? The teaser seemingly points out that Kurt and Blaine will be tying the knot.

Thinking logically for a moment, it could only be Kurt and Blaine as Blaine recently asked Kurt’s father for his blessing for the pair to get married. He is also seen asking Sam to be his best man in the promo video.

Meanwhile, it seems to be happy days for Rachel as well as she is getting ready for her Funny Girl callback audition.

However, it wouldn’t be Glee if things went too perfectly as Ryder isn’t happy that someone is “catfishing” him so he takes control of it his own way. After confronting his friends about the situation, he finally catches a lead – will he find who’s behind it? Brittany also learns more about herself after a visit to MIT and returns with a new attitude, as she is told she may be the best mind since Albert Einstein.


But, take a look at the picture of the cast above as one of them will not be returning as a series regular next season. Just because they will not be returning as a regular, it doesn’t mean we will never see them again.

E! News dropped the bomb shell yesterday, writing: “See this photo from the season finale? Take a good, long look at it, because by next season, someone in that picture will not be returning as a series regular. Feel free to print it out and frame it.”

Who will it be? Only time will tell…

Tune into the finale of Glee on May 9th at 9/8c on FOX.

Take a look at the finale promo, below:

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