Glee season 4 spoilers: New “Sadie Hawkins” pictures & promo

by Lisa McGarry

sadie hawkins

Glee is off air at the minute (boo!) but to help fans get past this barren period and prepare themselves for the return of our favourite McKinley High faces, Fox have released another promo from the next episode of the hit musical show.

The episode centers around a Sadie Hawkins Dance, which of course is a typical American event which sees girls inviting boys to a school dance, instead of the other way around.

The unusual social event leads to some pretty interesting hook ups within the New Directions Glee club.

Also in the episode, Sam tells Blaine that he is pretty sure the Warblers cheated at Sectionals and he claims the flips and ‘superhuman jumps’ were just too suspicious. The hunk is determined to find answers and evidence of wrong doing.

sadie hawkins 1

Santana may not be at the school anymore but she’s still hanging around, much to the annoyance of caustic tongued Sue Sylvester. She jibes:

“You are constantly showing up here. Don’t any of you have jobs?”

sadie hawkins 2

Away from McKinley Kurt is finding his feet in New York and trying to put down roots in NYADA. The camp singer seems impressed by an ensemble who are performing a musical on stage as he watches on. He is asked to join one of the extracurricular clubs but Rachel advises him to steer clear, saying it could be the worst thing for him socially and in terms of shaping his future career.

“Sadie Hawkins” will air in the US on Thursday, January 24 and in the UK later this spring.

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