Glee Spoilers: A new romance and an “unthinkable event” for New Directions to deal with!


There is a new romance in store for two Glee characters, Perez Hilton reports, as show favourites Sam and Brittany take their friendship tot he next level in the April 11th episode of the hit musical drama.

According to the popular blogger, Sam and Brittany, played by Chord Overstreet and Heather Morris, will get to explore their on-screen romance, with pictures on the site showing Sam serenading Britt in the episode, entitled Shooting Star.

The rest of the episode is also set to focus around an “unthinkable event” which, whilst remaining a tight-lipped secret, is set to rock the worlds of the New Directions!

Meanwhile, after announcing a three-week break from the last episode, Guilty Pleasures, a new preview of the next episode of Glee has been released showing the cast doing their version of the latest online dance craze, the “Harlem Shake”.

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According to, the episode features the craze when Finn starts it in an unscheduled singing outburst at University of Lima, when he is joined by the rest of his friends, all dressed in funny costumes (including a panda and a chicken), dancing along erratically with him.

Also in the preview Rachel can be seen preparing for her “Funny Girl” audition, Puck and Finn jamming at Lima and Coach Beiste turning Will off by serving him pasta cooked in a hot tub.

“Glee” will return with the new episode titled “Shooting Star” on Thursday, April 11 on FOX, the first of only five episodes left in the season, watch the promo in the clip below:

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