Glee Spoilers: “Anger” – Santana discovers Brody’s secret which leads to an ugly fight between him and Finn!

by Anna Howell

Anger is this week’s theme on the hugely popular musical drama Glee!

Anger is lingering in the air still after last week’s feud filled instalment when Glee club leaders Will and Finn were forced by their students to compete in a sing-off to hopefully overcome their problems after Finn admitted to kissing Emma.

However, it would seem that the battle did not have the desired effect, and the anger that was bubbling throughout was apparently contagious!

Back in New York and another angry issue explodes between Santana and Brody.

After Santana suspects Brody of being up to no good, she puts her detective hat on and works out that he has been working as a male prostitute in order to pay tuition fees.

In order to confirm her suspicions she traps him by pretending to be a client before exposing his secret to Finn.

Finn orders Brody to disappear, but Brody refuses declaring he loves Rachel too much.

This leads to a huge and nasty fight between the two when Brody begs Finn not to tell Rachel his secret, which results in Finn screaming at Brody: “stay away from my future wife”

Meanwhile Finn and Will realise after completing their  assignments that forgiveness is still very much not on the cards which causes Finn to decide to quit and train to become a teacher at the advice of Marley.

As feuding seems to be the flavour of the month in the hit Sky One show, they decided to honour perhaps two of its biggest influences at the moment, American Idol judges Nicky Minaj and Mariah Carey, who were celebrated by mash up performance by Blaine and Sue, who rapped “Super Bass” as Minaj, winning the battle meaning Blaine had to sign up as a member of the Cheerios as consequence.

Questions left remaining after this episode focus around Rachel discovering the truth and rebuilding her friendship with Santana, and if Will will ever be able to forgive Finn for his betrayal.

Glee continues on Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on Fox.