Glee spoilers: Jenna Ushkowitz found filming ‘Funeral’ episode very difficult

Jenna Ushkowitz has admitted that she struggled with her emotions while filming the penultimate episode of the current season of Glee.

In the instalment, titled ‘Funeral’, one character from the show will die and as the titled suggests, the students of McKinely high will attend their funeral ceremony.

Jenna, who plays Tina Cohen-Chang in the hit musical show has admitted that many of the cast members got upset during filming, she said:

“You know it was really, really sad. Any kind of death is sad and it brings you back to a place you don’t really want to go. So it kind of affects everybody. It was really hard but the episode is done really, really well.”

Jenna, 25, hopes fans will “appreciate” the storyline and thinks they will like watching the “sad” scenes.

She added to “It was really sweet and I think people will appreciate it. It was done in the right way. I think they’ll be sad but I think they’ll feel for the characters who will be affected by it. Any death, and especially on ‘Glee’ since you don’t expect something like that so for that to happen, I think you’re like ‘Oh, wow.’ I think fans will be shocked a little bit, and not expect anything at all. I think fans will like it.”

The ‘Glee’ cast recently shot scenes on location in New York and Jenna would love to be given a storyline which would mean working in Chicago.
She said: “I always love Chicago. I don’t know where the next show will be. I have no idea what next season will bring. Chicago is one of my favourite places!”

We have some great promo shots from the episode here and some hints and spoilers as to who the unlucky character may be…..enjoy!