Glee’s Chris Colfer to appear on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon & when does his Hot in Cleveland episode air? WE KNOW!



It’s quite a busy period for all the Glee cast at the minute, especially for Chris Colfer. He never seems to stop! Either he’s filming for Glee, or he’s writing…

The star is set to appear on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon On Tuesday, July 8, but what’s on his agenda?

Well, we’re not really sure to be honest with you, but seeing as the prermiere date of his Hot in Cleveland guest appearance has been announced, we reckon that will be on the list somewhere.

And, no doubt we’ll hear about Glee. As fans of the show will know, Glee is heading into its sixth and final season when it returns early next year, and filming is set to start soon-ish.

Not only that, his third book ‘The Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning’ comes out on July 8, so he may give that a little airtime too.

However, speaking of Glee, it has recently been reported that Glee’s filming date may have been pushed back even further.

Glee: Kurt

Assistant Director at Glee, Matthew Smith, took to Twitter a couple of days back, in which he wrote: “Whats up twitter industry folks. I’m available for work between July 15th and September 1st. Maybe hire me for something? (sic)”

So, it looks like the filming date may have been pushed back as far as September.

He even went on to follow it up with this tweet: “not sure what is gonna happen. I’m not sure we’re doing a full season again this year. Could be off in the winter (sic)”.

That keeps in line with the rumours that have been floating around, which suggest that Glee’s sixth season may only feature around 12 or 13 episodes, which is a far cry from the 22-episode seasons we’re used to.

Elsewhere, the premiere date of Chris Colfer’s forthcoming appearance on Hot in Cleveland has been revealed.

We found out about Colfer’s HiC appearance back in April, but we don’t know an awful lot. At the moment, we know that he will be called Tony, and he’s Victoria’s son.

According to Zap2It, Chris’ episode will air on July 23, at 10/9c, and is titled ‘Straight Outta Cleveland’.

According to the synopsis that has been unveiled, Victoria’s son visits, and Joy and Mitch contemplate their compatibility.

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