Glee’s Jacob Artist talks finale alternate ending, his character’s future and Justin Timberlake


Glee’s Jacob Artist who plays Noah’s half-brother, Jake Puckerman has said how he would like to take on a Justin Timberlake-esque dance routine and has even spoke about his character’s future on the show.

Last week, viewers saw Artist fulfil a dream of his to dance with Harry Shum, Jr. who plays Mike Chang.

Speaking about the experience, he said: “I said right when I got cast I would love to dance with Heather [Morris] or Harry, so when I read that in [the] script, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is going to be awesome’. It was a really cool collaborative process. He’s mind-blowingly phenomenal.”

However, speaking about his character’s future on the show and moving onto bigger and better things, he said he would like to take on a Justin Timberlake-esque dance routine.


“I think it’d be really funny if he [Jake] had some like Justin Timberlake-ified dance routine. I wouldn’t hate ‘Cry Me a River.’ That’s a classic of his that I love.” he added.

He also revealed that not even the cast know how the season is going to end, as two endings have been filmed. He said: “They did some sort of a rewrite and so we’re not quite sure how this episode is going to end. There might be two options, we’re kind of anxious to see ourselves what they ended up deciding.”


Moving onto season 5 and 6, his hopes for Jake include ending up at NYADA as a dancer.

What we do know about the finale of season 4 is that Kurt and Blaine are set to tie the knot and one character will not be returning as a series regular next year, however, they will be back as a recurring star. Who knows…

You’ll have to tune into the finale of Glee at 9/8c on Thursday on FOX.

Take a look at the trailer for the season finale, below:

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