Glee’s Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester) loves being married!

by Lisa McGarry

Jane Lynch has revealed that she loves being married.

The 50 year old Glee actress – best known as conniving cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester – got wed to long time partner Lara Embry last summer and admitted that she always wanted ‘someone to walk through life with.’

She told Heat magazine:

“I love it! I always wanted to have a partner. I always wanted to have someone to walk through life with, and I really have not had that before. We spend all day together and we make home together very well. We all watch the show. My daughter loves it, so the three of us watch it together.”

Jane, who is step-mother to Lara’s daughter, Hayden, 8, added: “I’m a step-parent right now. And forever, I guess I’m committed. I’m going to do it! I’m telling you right here and now! I have never been much of a child person – I’ve always loved dogs much more. The minute I meet a dog, I am in love and could take that dog home with me. Cats, too. But children, I’ve always been like, “Hmm, cute…It had to be a very special child for me to want to [be a parent] – and she is. My parenting instincts are lacking, but my wife is a wonderful mother, so thank God I’m not expected to do the bulk of the parenting. I’m not even expected to do 50 per cent of it, because she is so good. It’s wonderful, though, and it’s a part of myself I never expected to know.”

Speaking about turning 50, she it beats turning 40 any day!

“I turned 50 this year, and I think that I’ve been pretty good about getting old and the number going up,” Jane confessed.

“That’s pretty much the only way it goes… unless you’re dead! But I do think that with the fact that I got married this year and I have a kid, turning 50 is pretty cool. I remember when I was 39 and about to turn 40, I was sitting on a dryer at a Laundromat and it struck me, “I can’t be 40 and doing my laundry at a Laundromat!” So I changed that – I bought a house and turned 40 happily throwing my laundry into my own washer and dryer.”

The full interview appears in this week’s heat magazine, on sale now (Tuesday).

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