Gordon Ramsay returns with ‘The F Word’s Best Local Restaurant’

by Lisa McGarry

Gordon Ramsay's F Word

Gordon Ramsay’s F Word returns to Channel 4 this autumn with an exciting new mission: the nationwide search for The F Word’s Best Local Restaurant .

The nation’s favourite food show will celebrate the very best of Britain’s independent local restaurants and seek out the highest quality food at affordable prices with the help of nominations from 10,000 restaurant-goers across the country.

18 fantastic restaurants in 9 different categories (Italian, Indian, French, Chinese, Spanish, Thai, The Americas, British, Rest of the World) have made it into the series. Each week, the top two will face the challenge of cooking with Gordon in the F Word restaurant for 50 paying diners. The best restaurants will compete for a place in the grand final, with the winning restaurant being crowned The F Word’s Best Local Restaurant 2010.

Viewers can find out which restaurants have been nominated and add their own suggestions by logging on to www.channel4.com/food.

Joining Gordon in his quest is culinary cruise missile Janet Street-Porter. As well as helping Gordon assess the nominated restaurants, Janet will be facing her biggest challenge yet. In “Janet’s Mixed Grill”, she will attempt to rear not one but three different meats for the chefs to cook (cows, pigs and chickens) for the two best performing brigades to cook and serve in the F Word restaurant in the series finale. She will also provide vegetables from her organic garden.
The much-loved recipe challenge will return as each week Gordon challenges a celebrity to match him in the kitchen, preparing recipes of their choice that are then judged by a panel of blind tasters. And a new strand will see Gordon go on spectacular missions in search of the world’s best ingredients.

Building on its reputation for telling viewers everything they need to know about what to eat and how to eat it, Gordon Ramsay’s F Word is now going to help viewers decide where to eat.

The first programme sees two Italian restaurants go head to. Both face one of their biggest challenges of their lives as they prepare a three course meal under Gordon’s watchful eye – but who will be good enough to wow the F Word diners and go on to fight for the title of The F Word’s Best Local Restaurant ?

Gordon Ramsay said: “For me this will be the most important series, because we’re looking for Britain’s best local restaurant. It’s about discovering talent that we, as a nation, didn’t quite realise we had.”

“The last year has been a horrific time for the industry across the board. When you look how many restaurants have been closing in the past 18 months on the back of this recession, it’s a great shame. So we’re trying to discover the best local talent, and bring it into the F Word kitchen, where they’ll go up against each other. This isn’t about the top, fancy restaurants – these restaurants have to come in under ?25-a-head.”

“The biggest surprise has been the response from the public – we asked people to nominate on the Channel 4 website and had 10,000 nominations for 4,500 restaurants. The response has been phenomenal. It’s incredibly positive. Narrowing them down and putting them up against each other has been a tough call, because the talents has been so overwhelming.”

“We’ve discovered some real hidden gems. We put a great F-Word panel together to judge it. It consisted of one of the most articulate palates in the country – Jean Baptiste , who grew up in restaurants. Janet Street-Pensioner, as you know, in her 64th year, so she’s been taking advantage of her free bus pass by going round and looking at these restaurants incognito. And I’ve spent the last month travelling round the country eating up to five meals-a-day, nipping in, having a course, nipping out. And listening to the customers.”

Tuesday 3rd November 8PM – Channel 4