Gossip Girl season eight MAJOR spoilers – Was that really Chuck Bass’ dad?

SPOILERS ALERT! If you haven’t yet watched the Gossip Girl episode titled “Raiders of the Lost Art” then don’t read on….or do, but don’t blame us if you find out something you didn’t want to know!

So it seems that Chuck Bass is finally about to get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding his parentage. On last night’s episode of the hit CW drama, we were expecting it to be revealed that his evil uncle Jack was actually his long lost dad, but boy did we get it all very wrong!

Chuck has always had his fair share of problems surrounding his parents. In season two he revealed that his mother died while giving birth to him, and that his father blamed him for her death, however in season three he met a woman claiming to be his mum, though it turned out that she was lying.

It was revealed in recent episodes that Diana Payne may be his biological mother, and as we said, we were led to believe that she may have sired him with Jack.

However last night guess who came back? None other than Chuck’s dad and Lily’s supposedly dead husband Bart Bass.

The programme makers dropped the shock on us just moments before the end of last night’s show and we saw with our own eyes that the wealthy businessman is either a very good looking zombie – and not your normal Walking Dead one either – or well and truly alive and most definitely working in a league with Diana.

This then opens up the possibility that Payne isn’t Chuck’s mum afterall, and perhaps has her own agenda to follow. Could she be blackmailing Bart or Jack, threatening to reveal their secret?

Who knows, it’s all a bit confusing for us right now, so we are going to spend a few days pondering it all and checking out promos for the next episode and try to piece it all together as best we can.

If you have any theories, we’d love to hear them below. Were you shocked to see the Bart man back, or had you been expecting this twist all along?

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