Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively wants a funny boyfriend – Leonardo DiCaprio?

Blake Lively has admitted that her ideal man has a great sense of humour, rather than stunning good looks.

The ‘Gossip Girl’ actress is thought to be dating Titanic star Leonardo DiCaprio and she has revealed that she is as interested in the personality of her partners, as their physical attributes.

She said: “I like someone who makes me laugh. I enjoy someone that’s really fun.”

The 23-year-old actress also likes men who share the same interests as her and admits she is a homebody as opposed to a part girl.

She added to the British edition of OK! magazine: “I’m very domestic. I love art, painting, interior decorating, baking. There are so many things I want to do in my life. I’d love to open restaurants and have an interior decorating business.”

Blake went on to claim that she thinks it’s important to use her fame in a positive way and has become very invested in her charity work.

She explained: “I’m becoming very involved in charity work. I think it’s important that we help our environment now for our children. Being in the spotlight, I have a voice. It’s irresponsible not to use it in a good way.”

In the past few weeks, Blake and Leonardo have been on a series of luxurious dates around Europe.

The pair were first spotted together on a yacht in Cannes, France, and also went to Venice last week, where they were seen in a water taxi on a canal.
Leonardo also treated Blake to a helicopter ride to Saint-Paul de Vence, France, for a $500 lunch at La Colombe d’Or Restaurant, a stay at the $5,000-a-night suite at Hotel de Paris and a trip on a $52 million yacht.