Grammy Awards mess up Don Cornelius, Etta James and Amy Winehouse tributes as music fans are angry over pre-Grammy telecast Diana Ross win

by Lisa McGarry

Now the dust has settled and we can look, it seems like the Grammys were a little bit shambolic last night.

The calibre of performers (except for Bruce Springsteen, Jennifer Hudson, Paul McCartney the Beach Boys, Glen Campbell and Bruno Mars) seemed particularly low and there seemed to be a feeling that some of the best performers had been honoured BEFORE the show started.

Much missed Amy Winehouse had received her posthumous award during the pre-Grammy telecast. Most of her fans were not aware of this, so when they tuned in to the actual show on TV they were amazed to see the singer not honoured and only mentioned briefly in the yearly “in memoriam” segment.

It was also shocking that Diana Ross received her lifetime achievement away from TV. What is the use of this? Miss Ross has a career that spans six decades and does not deserve to be shoved to an online section.

Other moments we missed were wins for Paul McCartney, Cee-Lo Green, Kanye West. These are big names and many people complained that they would have preferred seeing these wins compared to some of the moments on the live show.

This was not all.

More anger came during the “in memoriam”. Amy’s tribute was strangely brief and ended abruptly. And big errors were made. Twitter crashed under complaints of several missing artists. Two names tweeted about the most were “Don Cornelius” and “Etta James”. The Grammys tried to give an explanation:

“Re: Etta James tribute was by Bonnie Raitt & @AliciaKeys at the top of the telecast & @Questlove gave special attn to Don Cornelius”.

But this was not accepted, as it wasn’t true. While yes, Etta was honoured, Don was not. It fell to LL Cool J to rectify this, as he included a quick tribute to the Soul Train host in one of his announcements, saying:

“Take it from me here and my man Questlove, if you were standing next to THE Don Cornelius, you were definitely on the hippest trip in America. Don Cornelius was the conductor of ‘Soul Train’ and thanks to him a lot of [people] learned about the meaning of soul and also how to dance. Don, peace, love and soul.”

Others that were missed included: hip-hop pioneer Gil Scott-Heron, Mike Starr of Alice in Chains, Tommy Ardolino the recently deceased drummer from cult band NRBQ, Warrant singer Jani Lane and frequent Frank Zappa collaborator Jim Sherwood.

The awards committee says that these names can be found on their website. Maybe, but do they realise that many fans may still be without internet by choice or simply because they are unable to use it for any reason? They want to see pictures of these artists being remembered on their TV. They want to see Diana Ross win her lifetime award live. The media seems to have this notion too as Diana’s win has barely been mentioned. Please do better next time Grammys, this is no way to treat icons.

This post was written by Britain’s Got Talent and Big Brother uber fan Daniel Cohen. Check out his personal blog here or catch up with him on Twitter here.