Grey’s Anatomy: Check Out Meredith & Dereks Wedding Website!


Grey’s Anatomy character Izzie Stevens has set up a real website dedicated to the upcoming nuptials of Derek Shepherd and Meredith Grey, as if I need the line’s between real life and TV land blurred any further.

The site was set up on an established network, used by real life engaged couples and contains details about the wedding and an invitation to RSVP for the event.

The idea popped into series creator Shonda Rhimes’ head when scenes were being filmed in which Izzie shoots photos of Meredith in her wedding dress.

“I said, ‘It should feel like a real wedding website’,” said Rhimes.

Izzie writes:

“I know, I know. I secretly never thought it would happen either. But it’s real. There’s a ring (I’ve seen it, though I’m pretty sure Mer still isn’t wearing it.) There are dresses (a lot of dresses, actually. I’ve called every bridal shop in town. Mer put me in charge, I think cause she feels bad that I’m all cancery or something – but who cares. I get to plan the wedding. LOVING IT!) There’s a bride (who will look glorious DESPITE her dreary, dark cloud of wedding hatred) and there’s a groom (who, thank goodness, won’t be sporting his Grizzly Adams beard to the ceremony!)

So – the only thing left now is to fill you, the guests, in on the details. Over which I have absolute power, which means…

This is going to be the most magical, romantic, breath-taking wedding you’ve ever seen.

I promise.

P.S. Just wait until Mer finds out that I’m creating this website…”

The website says the wedding date is May 14, but other sources suggest that it may not go ahead there have also been rumours that Meredith will fall pregnant before the ceremony….I can’t wait to find out!!!

PS can someone tell Meredith that I like dress two the best.