Grey’s Anatomy: How George O’Malley Was Supposed To Leave


It is common knowledge now that T.R Knight won’t be back for season six of Grey’s Anatomy. In last season’s finale, his character George O’Malley was left with his life hanging in the balance after jumping in front of a bus to save a girl. Show writer Shonda Rhimes had big plans for his exit episode early in season six, but T.R refused to come back.

“I kind of get it,” the Rhimes said in this week’s Entertainment Weekly. “[He’d] emotionally walked away.”


In the season six première, George will die, but Rhimes had a kickin episode plan which showed his last day alive and the events leading up to him jumping in front of the bus.

“I wanted to see his last day [alive] really badly,” she said. “What I thought was interesting was the idea of, we now know it’s the last day of someone’s life, [so we’re] looking at it differently than [we] would any other time.”

“I wanted to see the moment he leapt in front of the bus,” Rhimes added. “I wanted to bookend the episode [so that] the first time you see him leap in front of the bus, it’s really scary. But the second time you see it, he’s a hero.

“I thought it would have been a beautiful episode,” she continued. “We might have learned something new about George.”

T.R!!!! How could you have bailed so soon, couldn’t you at least have given us mega fans one more episode? It would be fair to say that after reading up on Rhimes’ original plans, Mr Knight is not my favourite person right now.

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