Grey’s Anatomy: Kevin McKidd teases Owen/Cristina proposal

by Lisa McGarry

Grey’s Anatomy star Kevin McKidd has been talking about his character’s proposal and subsequent wedding in season seven.

Shonda Rhimes previously revealed that McKidd’s Owen and Sandra Oh’s Cristina would get married in the upcoming season premiere.

Speaking to TV Guide, McKidd teased:

“It’s quite a shocker. It’s definitely an unexpected proposal. There is definitely one knee involved but there’s more to it than that.

“It’s a funny scene because we see it as a flashback. The proposal comes out of something that we didn’t expect. The proposal is not over some candlelight dinner.”

McKidd hinted that it won’t be all sweetness and light for the pair saying:

“People who have been through cataclysmic events, it does change people and make them realise what matters in life,” he explained. “It crystallises relationships and can be the catalyst for people to take a big step in their relationship. It will be interesting to find out whether that was the right or the wrong step and what that means for Cristina and Owen going forward.

“Did they rush into it? Did they do it for the wrong reasons? I think they didn’t do it for the wrong reasons but all those questions will be asked.”

Cristina will be seen suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, caused by the hospital massacre in season six. McKidd revealed that she will try to deal with her problems by fixating on the wedding.

“She definitely does try to fixate on the wedding. Very quickly after they get married, Owen starts to realise that there’s a lot more to this,” he admitted.

“The wedding and being married isn’t going to fix her, so he starts to step up in different ways and try to help her back to the whole person she used to be.”