Grey’s Anatomy season 9 spoilers: Shonda Rhimes talks relationship drama


Grey’s Anatomy is hurtling towards its season nine finale, so much so, that its penultimate episode airs this evening. We have all the goss you need to know about the futures and relationships of some of the most prominent characters, straight from the horse’s mouth, well, in the form of Executive Producer, Shonda Rhimes.

It is known that Meredith will face some problems on the baby front, but her relationship has everyone worried. Cristina may break up with Owen whilst Arizona may cheat on Callie. With so many questions to be answered, it’s time for Rhimes to get grovelling.

Things aren’t set to go too smoothly between Arizona and Callie, as the former is currently skating on very thin ice. She continues to flirt with Lauren Boswell – a doctor from another hospital who has the hots for Arizona, but she is married to Callie. Will she cheat on poor Callie?

Rhimes said “they could be happy and hold hands and skip around” or “we could really present them with some really complex challenges and allow them to deal with them and to see some interesting things.”

Speaking about the situation, she says she doesn’t know where the pair are going to end up in terms of their relationship, but they’re all really excited about it. “It’s a very thrilling story for these characters and complex. It allows a lot of interesting growth, movement and change”.


Moving onto Cristina and Owen, it seems there’s some trouble in the water here as well. Cristina may break up with Owen as his desire for children has forced the pair to re-evaluate their marriage.

Rhymes has stood by her decision when it comes to Cristina being non-negotiable about having children.

“… she does not feel a need to have children. She feels very complete without it, and Owen does not feel the same way. I feel like that is a fundamental problem in their relationship, and they’ve been avoiding it for a million reasons.”

The pair have big decisions to make regarding the status of their relationship. There are three options: “Cristina could make the horrible mistake of deciding she’s going to have a kid for him” or “Cristina could make the horrible mistake that she’s just going to walk away from him”. However, the final option could be that Owen walks away and has a child of his own.


Finally, Rhymes spoke about Alex and Jo, in which Alex was left in a very difficult position in the previous episode. Jo told him to stay away, but she showed up at his house beaten and bruised – presumably getting the injuries from Chest Peckwell, whom she has just moved in with.

Rhymes teased: “We’re going to see some real interesting growth from Alex in the next episode. Maybe it’s sideways growth and maybe it’s backwards growth, but it’s going to be a new side of Alex. He’s going to discover some stuff about himself and we’re going to discover some stuff about Jo.”


It very much seems like the finale is going to be an explosive episode. Should Cristina and Owen break up? How is Alex going to react bout Jo? Can Arizona and Callie sort things out if Arizona cheats on the latter?

Grey’s Anatomy continues on Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.

Take a look at the trailer for tonight’s episode, below: