Grey’s Anatomy spoilers! What’s in store for April and Jackson? And will Webber spill all?

by Emily H

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There’s another shocking twist in store for ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fans!

As fans saw in the season 10 finale, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ dropped a bombshell by revealing that Margaret Pierce (played by Kelly McCreary) was actually Meredith Grey’s (Ellen Pompeo) half-sister!

The two share a mother, Ellis Grey (played by Kate Burton), who gave Margaret up for adoption, but equally as shocking was the revelation that Dr. Webber (played by James Pickens Jr) was Margaret’s father!

After all the drama last season, the new season looks set to be one of the very best yet.

In an interview with TVGuide, showrunner Shonda Rhimes revealed all about the upcoming season.

Season 11 is set to pick up right where last season finished off, which raises questions about whether or not Richard Webber (James Pickens, Jr.) will have kept the big secret.

“What Webber does with the information is going to be very interesting”, Rhimes revealed, “It’s Earth-shattering information… It undoes everything Meredith thought to be true about her past and her childhood. It’s fascinating”.

Fans are also waiting with bated breath to find out what’s going on with fan favourite couple, Meredith and Derek. Though Rhimes didn’t reveal too much about the fall-out from Meredith’s decision to not go to Washington DC, she did reveal that the show starts out with the two characters, which means fans won’t have too long to wait.

Grey's Anatomy

Another couple fans are anxious to see is April Kepner (Sarah Drew) and Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) and how they’re dealing with the news of their pregnancy. Rhimes teased that they’re being forced to grow up quite quickly, which is amazing. They have a future to contend with now…

We may also get to see a feisty side of Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) after her position on the board was given to Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) last season. Shonda revealed that Bailey has taken a lot of crap, and has had a lot of hits in the past. She’s been overlooked a few times as well, along with being underestimated. But, she may be done with that now.

Now Sandra Oh has left the show, Rhimes also revealed that her character will still be mentioned on the ABC hit.

Grey’s Anatomy returns Thursday 25th September at 8/7c on ABC.


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