Gripping Coronation Street Spoilers – Don’t read on if you don’t want to know!


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Corrie’s writers have come up with some plotlines that are apparently going to keep us on the edge of our seats over the next few months, and the two most major storylines involve Becky and Carla… but don’t read on if you don’t want to know what’s planned for the two Street ladies over the coming months!

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According to a variety of media sources, Becky Grainger is going to be facing years behind bars after she gets arrested for possesssion of class A drugs.

Apparently, evil DC Hooch sets Becky up by planting the drugs on her and then arranging for a raid on the pub during which the drugs are of course found and Becky is arrested. What’s more, apparently Steve isn’t convinced she’s innocent, despite her desperate pleas to him to believe she’s been framed by Hooch.

A show insider said: “This will be devastating for Becky. Her future will be in balance after her arrest and her relationship with Steve will be teetering on the brink.

“It’ll be touch and go whether she goes down or not.”

We will of course know the truth, which is that DC Hooch has paid her ex-boyfriend Slug to plant the drugs on her. The bent copper Hooch has held a grudge against Becky since she reported him for demanding “a sex act” from her when she was just 15.

Reports reckons that when Hooch arrests Becky, he tells her, “Got you! Say goodbye to your new life Becky because this time, you’re going down and I’ll make sure they throw away the key.”

Becky’s former boss and close friend Roy seems to be among the very, very few who believe she’s innocent and has been set up, and apparently, it’s going to turn out that someone else on the Street is involved…

The Corrie source added, “Becky’s made many enemies during her time on the Street, and it could be anyone of a number of people.”


Also, Alison King may be about to cut short her maternity leave to commit murder! Apparently, the show’s bosses are “begging her to return” for the new and dramatic plotline.

They want Carla to become a killer, just like her husband Tony, but insiders are staying tight lipped about whether it’s him they want her to kill or someone else on the Street. However, Alison is apparently unsure whether she’ll make an early return as she and her boyfriend Adam Huckett are currently spending time together with their new daughter, Daisy Mae, who was born in February.

A friend of Alison’s told TV Biz, “Alison couldn’t believe it when they asked her to come back early — it’s only weeks since she gave birth.”

And it seems she was even more surprised to be told Carla was about to become a killer, but whoever she kills, apparently it will be done in self-defence.

When Alison left the show temporarily, her character Carla had just found out that her husband Tony had had her lover Liam Connor killed in a set-up hit-and-run.

A show insider told Metro in March, “Lots of storylines are being discussed for Carla’s return but it is still a long way off and nothing has been decided.

“Also we’d always honour someone’s maternity leave and Alison will decide when she is ready to come back.”

However, rumour has it that the shock new storyline will see Carla return early from America where, in the storyline, she secretly fled to get away from her murdering spouse. Coronation Street insiders say her return “will involve some of the most exciting Corrie scenes ever”.

kym marsh

Also, it’s being rumoured that Kym Marsh may be planning to leave the show in order to pursue a career in Hollywood. Kym, who plays Michelle Connor, is currently grieving over the death of her baby Archie and her partner Jamie Lomas announced recently that he’s quitting Hollyoaks.  Various sources have revealed that he’s looking for acting roles in Hollywood and that Kym will follow him there.

A Corrie insider told The People, “Kym is contracted to Coronation Street until next year so she couldn’t feasibly quit until then and wouldn’t want to either.

“But the chance to start a new career in Los Angeles might be just what she needs after losing the baby.

“The tragedy has brought Kym and Jamie closer together. And if he does get a job in America, it would make sense, given the interest in her, for Kym to get work there too.”

Could it be then that Carla’s murder victim could be Michelle? Or will it be Tony or maybe even Maria? Roll on summer so we can find out!

Who do you reckon it’ll be and do you think Becky’s going to get out of her upcoming fix or is she going to join Tracy Luv in prison?

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