Hannibal: First full season two trailer released, “There will be a reckoning.”

by Martin


‘Hannibal’ is coming back and we’re incredibly excited. Though the first season got off to a rocky start ratings wise we we’re thrilled when it was revealed that the show would be returning for a second season.

Now, as the show gets ready to air next month in the US and in the Spring here in the UK a full trailer has been released giving us just a taste (pardon the pun) of what to expect.

If you haven’t seen Hannibal before then what have you been doing? The hit NBC show in its first season followed FBI special agent Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) as he uncovers some incredibly gruesome murders.

Throughout the season he visits Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) who acts as his psychiatrist to help deal with what he’s seen in seeing the murder victims.


Little does Will know that in fact it’s Hannibal performing the murders which in some senses are artistic but he manages to shift the blame entirely onto Will who is slowly losing touch with reality.

Season one (‘Savoureux’) ended with Will Graham being incarcerated in prison thanks to Dr. Lector who managed to convince everyone around Will that he was in fact guilty of the killings as the Chesapeake Ripper.

Executive producer Bryan Fuller spoke with Entertainment Weekly and said: “After a horrifying descent into madness in season 1, this image ironically represents the perspective of a scrappier, clearer-minded Will Graham in season 2.”

“The scales have fallen from his eyes and he finally sees Hannibal Lecter for the monster he is.”


‘Hannibal’ is set to make its return to NBC on Friday the 28th of February in the US and to Sky Living in the UK in spring.

If you haven’t seen the full trailer for season two yet then watch it below.

Though beware, if you haven’t seen Hannibal before then be warned, it might upset your stomach – and it might be best not to watch while eating.

Oh and one more thing, we hope the creepy rendition of ‘Stand By Me’ doesn’t haunt you while you sleep tonight.


  1. Rich on January 24, 2014 at 1:48 am

    It is actually going to premiere the 28thof Feb not Jan! Wish it was Jan, I cannot wait!

  2. Martin on January 24, 2014 at 7:27 am

    Corrected! I can’t wait either, I absolutely loved the first season and really was thrilled when they announced the second.

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