Hannibal season 1 Entree spoilers: The real Chesapeake Ripper is identified

NBC's Hannibal

Tonight see’s the fifth episode of Hannibal in which a copy cat murderer confounds Jack leading him to seek help from Hannibal.

In tonight’s episode, Eddie Izzard guest stars as Dr. Abel Gideon who is a patient at the Baltimore State Hospital. He murders a nurse at the hospital and begins to take the credit for a series of murders committed by the Chesapeake Ripper.

Jack and Alana are contacted by Dr Hilton, a former colleague of theirs, to tell them he believes he has the murderer in custody. He believes he has the real perpetrator as the Chesapeake Ripper hasn’t committed a murder in two years, the same amount of time that Gideon has been in the hospital. hannibal_entree_promo1 However, upon breaking the news to the pair, one of Hilton’s patient commits a murder that matches The Ripper’s profile. Crawford receives a phone call, supposedly from the real murderer and plays the voice of Miriam Lass (guest star Anna Chlumsky), a trainee Crawford had consulted on the Chesapeake Ripper case two years earlier, when she suddenly disappeared.

Freddie Lounds agrees to write a story on Gideon, hopefully prompting the real Ripper to come forward. However, Crawford receives yet another phone call which he is able to trace to an old observatory where they find a severed arm, clutching Miriam’s cell phone.


It is revealed that Miriam visited Dr. Lecter to ask about an old patient, Jeremy Olmstead, whom he had come into contact with when working as an Emergency Room attendance, who has turned up as the latest victim.

Miriam finds one of his sketches of the Wound Man, which matches the way Olmstead was murdered. Dr. Hannibal Lecter is the real Chesapeake Ripper as he sneaks up behind Miriam and knocks her unconscious, in a final flashback.


Tune into Hannibal at 10/9c this evening on NBC. The series premiere on Sky Living in the UK at 10pm on 7th May.

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