Happy 30th Birthday Brookside!

by Anna Howell

Fans of Brookside will be enjoying a lot of Nostalgia today as the Channel 4 Soap enjoys its 30th birthday.

Even though Brookside was axed in 2003 there has still been a massive fan base of Brookie fans almost 10 years later, November 4th 2003 was the final episode of Brookside which gained almost 2.5 million viewers.

The 1st Episode hit TV screens on November 2nd 1982 and was a huge hit bringing in over 4 million viewers on the first night for Channel 4.

Brookside tackled issues such as, Rape, Bullying, and Buried Bodies to name but only a few. They had great actors/actresses over its 21 year run such as: Anna Friel, Ricky Tomlinson, Sue Johnston, Jennifer Ellison, Claire Sweeney & Dean Sullivan.

Ever since Brookside ended there was always 1 fan who always had an eye on making something happen, and he did make that move in 2007 when he started an online petition to get something released for its 30th Anniversary. That fan is Lee Brady of Liverpool; Lee gained over 5,000 fan signatures as well as Cast supporting him and even Creator Phil Redmond himself. The Campaign Lee lead was made a success in early 2012 when 4DVD announced the special Anniversary DVD release date and after it appeared on Amazon.

The special DVD will be released on 26th November and will feature 16 full episodes and never before seen DVD Extras and Audio Commentary from Dean Sullivan.

Plans to release a top moments DVD began earlier this year, and was welcomed by fans, and former actors of the show alike. The 2 disc DVD’s running order has now been published by Amazon and is set to feature a specific selection of 16 pinnacle storylines featured throughout the shows run, including the 1982 premiere, Sheila Grant’s rape and its aftermath, and child abuser Trevor Jordache’s murder at the hands of wife Mandy as well as the discovery of his body under the family’s patio, Jimmy Corkhill’s drug addiction, including the funeral of 14-year-old Tony Dixon who Corkhill killed while driving on cocaine, and the 2002 siege and helicopter crash that destroyed much of Brookside Close.

In addition to the episodes, there are audio commentaries, photo galleries and a Brookside Close house-by-house history.

Lee Brady who spear headed the Campaign to get this DVD released for 5 years spoke exclusively to us at Unreality TV: “I really like the Cover of the DVD, with it being on sale right near Christmas it’s possible it will be a top seller, but the art work of the cover is so eye catching too, which will help.

“After the release , we will take advantage of the mass of Brookie fans joining the fanbase and we have another idea we want to look into which will be to produce a brand new spin-off DVD.

“Actor Louis Emerick has already stated he would love to play as Mick Johnson 1 more time. Which is a really good start”

On Sunday 4th November, Liverpool Museum will be running a ‘Brookside Memories’ Day with Phil Redmond, Dean Sullivan & Claire Sweeney (Jimmy & Lyndsey Corkhill) and Writer Peter Cox. It will be a fun day, so get to the Liverpool Museum for 11am with your cameras to celebrate 30 years.

For more information on the Event please visit: http//www.brooksidefans.com/liverpool-museum-memorial.

Watch a recap documentary of the history of Brookside in the clip below: