Happy birthday Katie Cassidy! Why we LOVE the Arrow star…

by Sarah Jones
Katie Cassidy

katie cassidy

Happy birthday Katie Cassidy!

The Arrow star turns 28 today and to celebrate her birthday, we decided to take a trip down memory lane and to discuss just why we love the Arrow star!

So head on inside….

She kicked some serious ass as Ruby

When we think of Katie pre Arrow, we remember her awesome appearances on Supernatural as Demon Ruby. Supernatural headed in to its 10th season this year and Katie appeared all the way back in season 3, as Ruby took a particular interest in Sam Winchester but seemed to be one of the good demons the brothers had come in contact with.

Of course, as the series went on Ruby “switched bodies” and ended up being a major baddie who got Sam hooked on demon blood, which co in sided with Lucifer being released. As far as we’re concerned though, blonde Ruby was a goodie…

katie cassidy 2

Did you know she was in Taken?

Katie appeared in the first of the Liam Neeson smash hit films as Amanda, a friend of Kim Mills. However, it was her carelessness that led to the kidnappers learning that the two girls were alone, resulting in them being taken.

Further on in the film, Amanda died after a drug overdose. By the time Bryan reached her, he realized there was nothing he could do for her and he focused on finding Kim, before she met the same fate.

We hardly need to say much else on ‘Taken’ right?

She has her own fashion blog

The actress runs her own lifestyle and fashion blog over at Tomboy KC in which she manages with her friend Lynsey Eaton. It’s all about personal style and for women to come together and chat about the latest fashion – whether that is sneakers or stilettos!

Cassidy is very passionate about fashion and we love her style! Be sure to check out Tomboy KC for all the latest.


She’ll make an awesome Black Canary

While some of the fans have been critical of Laurel, Katie has the ability to really portray an awesome version of Black Canary and with the change in Laurel’s personality, it’ll give her even more to get her teeth into from an acting perspective.

I mean her suit is looking pretty damn awesome right?

Have your say below! Why do you love Katie? Are you looking forward to her portraying Black Canary?

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