Hawaii Five-0 spoilers: Which Captain Phillips actor is guest starring? Find out!

by Sarah Jones
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barkhad abdi

One thing Hawaii Five-0 fans have often seen is high profile guest stars on the show. Carol Burnett, Daryl Hannah to even the likes of Dog The Bounty Hunter – the series has had it all!

Now, it has been confirmed that alongside legendary actress Cloris Leachman, another well known name in Bafta winner Barkhad Abdi will be guest starring this season!

So for all you need to know on Abdi’s guest star spot – head on inside….

The actor will live long in our memories as Abduwali Muse, the leader of the pirates who invaded Captain Phillips (Tom Hanks) ship. It was his breakout role and alongside his BAFTA win for Best Actor In A Supporting role, he even snagged himself Oscar AND Golden Globe nominations. Not bad, eh?

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The super exciting news that the actor would be heading to the show was first revealed by EW. They’ve even shed some light into what we can expect from his character, when he rolls up in Hawaii.

barkhad abdi

It has been revealed that his role will be one of a Congolese warlord, named Roko Contee. His character was intriguingly once the most wanted man in the world – until his ‘death’ back in 2011.

Now while everyone believed he was dead after a bombing by the Zaire Air Force, he will come onto the Five-0 team’s radar when they discover that he isn’t dead but has been hiding in plain sight – working as a TAXI DRIVER no less.

barkhad abdi

In the EW report, Peter Lenkov talks at length about how Roko is like Kony, who was on news screens across the world not too long ago. He said viewers can look forward to a massive episode when the team end up confronting him! Expect to see Abdi’s character causing mayhem in episode 15 of this season.

Are you excited by this casting? Are you impressed by the big names Hawaii Five-0 attracts on a regular basis? Shoot us a comment below and share your thoughts…


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