Hayley Payne & Geoff Milton return for Supersize vs Superskinny!


Supersize vs Superskinny returns to Channel 4 tonight for the penultimate episode of the series and the special revisits some familiar faces.

The team return to check up on the progress of superskinny tea addict Hayley Payne and supersize junk food fan Geoff Milton. The pair both appeared on the show last year and promised to change their ways and adopt a healthier diet and lifestyle on, however, did they keep up the good intentions when the cameras left?

It was an all-out war in the Feeding Clinic when 6 stone 12 foodphobic Hayley Payne came face to face with our biggest ever Supersizer – 35 stone 10 lbs Rob Gillett – who was obsessed with cream cakes and donuts. Desperate to start a family and fearing her bony body was holding her back, Hayley was forced to face up to her dreadful diet. Supersizer Geoff just couldn’t understand why he weighed in at 30 stone 12 lbs – believing that snacking on sandwiches and bacon butties on top of three meals a day wasn’t excessive. Swapping diets with food hater Josh gave him a stark insight in to just how excessive his portions really were. He also met 39 stone Alan Yoder in the USA, who struggled to get off the couch without getting out of breath. It was just the medicine Geoff needed to give him the kickstart to face his food issues and change his life. Both saw great results on the scales after three months on their diet plans. But one year on, have they managed to keep up all the hard work?

The team also return to Evansville, Indiana, where Dr Christian visited in 2012. The city that topped the polls in 2011 as America’s Fattest with the largest obesity problems and during his new trip, the medic went to watch a support group named Overeaters Anonymous in action. Their leaders aim to help those who just can’t control their urges to consume large quantities of food and Christian watches on as one woman admits that cheesecake, for her, was like crack cocaine.