Helix showrunner dismisses Walking Dead comparisons: ‘We’re really not making it into a zombie show’

by Nick Barnes
Helix Syfy

Helix Syfy

Syfy’s brand new, highly anticipated drama ‘Helix’ is set to kick off tomorrow evening and the show’s showrunner has clarified a couple of things.

Firstly, when you see the first episode, you’ll understand why he has told TVLine that he really isn’t trying to make a zombie show.

The first episode introduces us to the CDC team which is lead by Dr. Alan Farragut. A disease has broken out in the Arctic and it is discovered that Alan’s brother, Peter has caught the disease. Two members of the team over at the base in the Arctic are already dead, and a third member (Peter) is seriously sick.

Steve Maeda, Helix showrunner has explained to TVLine that he isn’t trying to make a zombie show as their ‘vectors’ are not “mindless eating machines” much like those on The Walking Dead.

He explained: “We’re really trying to not make it a zombie show. I would say the main difference about our ‘vectors’ as we call them is that they are not mindless eating machines. They’re very scary and they’re very human and they look horrible. What we’re going to find out about the vectors is that they’re incredibly smart and so they retain a lot of our intelligence, if not their humanity, which makes them very different from zombies”.

As Peter is the infected monster, it makes watching over the facility just that much harder.

Helix Syfy

“It lends itself to a very claustrophobic environment because you can go outside, but only for brief periods of time,” he explained “It’s almost like being set on a spaceship where you’re trapped inside with unseen horrors and then there are all sorts of human problems that developed from that.

Kyra Zagorsky who plays the role of Dr. Julia Walker (Alan’s former lover, until he found her sleeping with Peter) said: “It takes some of the characters to some very dark places and they start doing things that they might not do if they were in regular circumstances. Their true humanity comes out, the good and the bad”.

Will the disease end up spreading beyond the Artic Biosystems? It’s a possibility as Dr. Hiroshi Hatake (Hiroyuki Sanada) is hiding some secrets which may lead to the truth behind the disease that is doing the rounds.

“Everyone’s got an agenda,” he explained “Everyone’s got their secrets, every single character. Some of them are big, giant things that will impact the plot, and some are smaller, but just as important character secrets”.

Helix kicks off on Syfy tomorrow night (Friday, January 10) at 10/9c.