Helix: Syfy releases 15 minute preview of brand new drama (VIDEO)

by Nick Barnes
Helix Syfy

Helix Syfy

Syfy has released a special preview of its highly anticipated new series ‘Helix’ which gives viewers access to the first 15 minutes of the drama.

Upon watching the special preview, viewers will see that the show is full of action right from the off-set, which is most likely why the series was picked up for a full first season order without a pilot run.

Helix hails from Battlestar Galactica creator, Ron Moore and follows a team of scientists as they try to get down to the bottom of a new disease outbreak in the Arctic. The scientists are from Disease Control and Prevention, whose headquarters are based in Atlanta.

The drama is set in the present day, but when the drama kicks off we’re given a bit of background information from 2 days before the present day.

Therefore, we see that there is some sort of outbreak at the base in the Artic and two workers are walking through a corridor which is guarded by security gates. Over the top of that, we get some sort of flashback which sees Peter getting attacked by someone or something.

As the two workers from the base get to the corridor in which Peter has been attacked in, we find that there’s already two members of the team dead in there, and Peter doesn’t seem to be doing too well either.

Helix Syfy

The drama then jumps to the present day in which Dr. Alan Farragut holds a meeting at the CDC headquarters in Atlanta.

He explains: “When we drop the ball, thousands die. As new CDC field officers you’re going to embark on a mission to the far corners of the earth and you will witness horrors others cannot imagine. Horrors which make cholera seem tame. You will make sacrifices others think are unthinkable. Your family and friends will sacrifice right along with you”.

Farragut is told that there has been an outbreak in which two are dead and a third is infected. He is being roped into the investigation because the third infected person is Peter, his brother.

We’re then moved along to Day 1 of the investigation in which Alan meets his brother for the first time since he was infected with the unknown disease.

“I’m afraid the news isn’t good. He’s been in and out of consciousness for the past eight hours,” Farragut is told.

We also find out that Julia and Peter slept together and Alan caught them in the act, so it’s going to prove to be a tad awkward with the pair throughout the investigation.

As Julia tries to take blood from Peter, she notices it is black. That’s when Peter goes a bit bat crap and launches himself up off the bed… and unfortunately, that’s where the first 15 minute preview ends.

Helix premieres on January 10 at 10/9c on Syfy.

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