Hello – Goodbye – ER

Well, ER has often had me in tears in the past with its evocative and convincing drama and upset and the season 15 premiere last night was no different. Not only is this the final season of this fantastic show, it was also the last time we’ll see Greg Pratt, and that’s what made me cry.

The writers and cast of ER are masters at doing the dying in the trauma room routine and the death of Greg was a true marvel of tearjerking. For one thing, it was totally unexpected because – unlike my normal behaviour with US shows – I deliberately avoided looking at any spoilers, so when Greg was injured in the ambulance crash then seemed to have relatively minor injuries, for him to so rapidly decline and become brain stem dead was truly shocking.

Yes I know it’s not real and yes, I know Mekhi Phifer who plays him is still very much alive and kicking and acting his heart out somewhere but to lose such a beloved character was harsh. Especially so as I’d been so looking forward to the return of ER.

In our house while ER’s on, nobody dare speak, sneeze or do anything inconvenient like be ill or fall down or whatever because the fact is, they know I’d do nothing about it and view them with disdain for the potential interruption to my viewing.

Imagine then how my husband is going to suffer for committing the ultimate ER sins – yes, ‘sins’, plural! Not only did he walk in front of the TV and have the audacity to have not watched it and ask me for an update, he then sniggered when he saw I was wet eyed as Greg’s brother begged for just a couple more hours in the hope that Greg might ‘come back’.

The price will be a heavy one and the very next time he’s watching Star Trek, I’m going to wander in casually, stand in front of the screen blocking his view and launch into a game of twenty questions including, “How can you take this seriously when he has a blue pronged head?” and, “I reckon Kirk was gay all along.” Oh how sorry he’s going to be.

Anyway, back to ER and this, as ever, was an awesome episode. The special effects, the acting, the writing… there is not one flaw in it, not one. I just hope and pray that Luca isn’t out of it and he’ll be back before the series ends.

In case you are mental and missed the show, here’s the very moving death of Dr Greg Pratt…

If you don’t at least tear up, then you’re dead inside man…

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