Hells bells! Benedict Cumberbatch may quit the UK as he’s fed up of being branded posh!

Holy Testicle Tuesday Sherlock fans! There’s worrying news for you guys today in that Benedict Cumberbatch has revealed that he might quit the UK and go and live in the States!


The reason he’s considering making the move across the pond is because he’s apparently fed up of being labeled as “posh”.

Speaking to the Radio Times, Benedict – who of course plays the title role in BBC drama Sherlock, and Christopher Tietjens in forthcoming BBC2 drama, Parade’s End – said, “I wasn’t born into land or titles, or new money, or an oil rig.”

He added that he had been “castigated as a moaning, rich, public-school b*****d, complaining about only getting posh roles…

“It’s so predictable, so domestic and so dumb…

“It makes me think I want to go to America.

“LA is not all that abstemious. There’s much more drinking and partying going on than I thought there’d be.

“It’s all about extremes, so you get the worst excesses of everything – the health-kick thing, over-indulgence, recreational drug use, everything. It’s paradise!”

However, while he’s evidently pretty seriously naffed off with being considered posh, he’s happy with his pin-up status.

He said, “It puts a bit of a spring in your step. It’s nice, you swagger a little bit, it’s enjoyable.

“I’ve punched well above my weight this year. I find it hysterically funny…

“I wield it with a massive smile.”

Ooo matron, I bet you do…

Would you be gutted if Benedict bogged off to America?

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2 Responses to “Hells bells! Benedict Cumberbatch may quit the UK as he’s fed up of being branded posh!”

  1. barus says:

    Don’t worry, guys, this article is entirely out of context and some parts aren’t even in the quoted interview…:)

  2. Evelyn Graham says:

    Benedict said this as a throwaway comment at the very end of the interview, which I’ve just read, in its entirety. Has it occurred to fans that he might be joking about living in the States? He has got elderly parents, to whom he’s devoted, living in England. We can only hopes that he decides to ‘toughen it out’, ignore the p[osh-bashing, and stay. After all, if he leaves, ‘England would Fall….’ Sigh…