Help I’m A Teen Mum On ITV

Monday 30 July 2007 10:00pm – 10:30pm on ITV1.

Most people see teen mums as a social problem and assume women in their twenties and thirties make better parents.

But is society being too hard on teenagers? Bringing a child into the world and looking after it well is unbelievably demanding and a difficult life change, so just imagine if this happens when you are struggling to make ends meet, naïve and little more than a child yourself.

With some help, support and guidance can a group of teenagers prove they can be good mothers too?

ITV’s Help I’m a Teen Mum takes six teenage girls and their babies to a specially converted country house where they are taught parenting skills by expert nannies and a psychotherapist. The series gives them the chance to change their lives and the lives of their children and prove they can be better parents.

The girls are observed as they carry out their daily routine with their children, and are advised on where they are going wrong and the psychotherapist works with them to raise their self-esteem and build confidence.

In the first episode nanny Suzie Whytock and psychotherapist Rachel Morris welcome the girls to the house – and discover that some of them are going to be a challenge.

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