Hidden Talent: Jayson Khún-Dkar turns opera singer, Adele Rhea is navigator extraordinaire!

In this episode the Hidden Talent experts are looking for two very different abilities: the natural aptitude for becoming an opera singer and the inbuilt instinct to navigate through the wilderness without a map or a compass.

To find a potential opera singer, musical director Stuart Barr puts the participants through a range of singing tests to objectively find someone with the magic combination of range, power and resonance to sing opera. Out of almost 600 people, 34-year-old charity contracts manager Jayson Khún-Dkar emerges with the hidden talent to be an opera singer.

It’s a total surprise for someone who can’t read music and has had no formal musical training. For Jayson it’s the chance of a lifetime and ‘better than winning the lottery because the lottery is just money’. To help Jayson hone his potential, Stuart Barr enlists the help of operatic legend Joy Mammen, who has sung with the best in the business, including Pavarotti.

Alongside daily singing lessons, Jayson learns Italian and works out in the gym. Joy and Stuart’s ultimate goal is for Jayson to audition for award-winning operatic production La Boheme in only five months; something that can take years of training to achieve. As the training intensifies, Jayson’s shyness threatens to overshadow his natural ability. Can he overcome his inhibitions and will his voice be up to the standard of a professional baritone? As Jayson has to train hard to realise his natural potential, the experts search for a much more instinctive ability: to naturally navigate their way through the remotest landscapes.

Five hundred people took two cutting-edge tests overseen by neuroscientist Dr Hugo Spiers. The tests reveal ten candidates who had no idea they had a natural talent for navigation. None was more surprised than 26-year-old science teacher Adele Rhea, who admits to frequently getting lost in the country lanes near her home. Adele’s childhood dream was to be an RAF pilot but her arms were too short. She reapplied to be a navigator but again her arms were considered too short. Could finding her hidden talent for navigation prove this was a missed opportunity? Adele’s final challenge is to navigate between two points 11 kilometres apart in North Wales, across rough terrain and in unpredictable weather with only her instincts to guide her.

Channel 4, 9PM tonight…