Hit sci-fi drama Alphas coming to 5* this month!

Channel 5’s add-on channel 5* is to air hit US sci-fi drama Alphas.

Digital Spy reports that Channel 5’s Head of Acquisitions, Paul Fagan, issued a statement about the channel securing the rights to air the show, which read, “With its high octane, exhilarating action, Alphas is the perfect addition to the autumn schedule on 5*.

“We’re thrilled to have secured this new acquisition from NBCUniversal and hope the viewers enjoy the ride.”

Airing on 5* later this month, the drama follows a group of people with supernatural powers as they tackle bizarre and seemingly unfathomable crimes.

The show has already aired its first season in the States on Syfy, and the network has confirmed it’s ordered a second run of the drama, which will air next year.

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One Response to “Hit sci-fi drama Alphas coming to 5* this month!”

  1. Charmie91752 says:

    Have always held David Strathairn in high regard as an actor. He’s never really gotten the respect and attention he deserves. I LOVED him in “Good Night and Good Luck”. And the kid playing the autistic kid really has the behavior of a functioning autistic down cold. All the actors are exemplary.