Hitler’s Rise – The Colour Films: The series concludes with a look at how gained control of Germany


This concluding instalment of the series begins with the economic crisis of 1929, which provided an unexpected opportunity for Hitler.

Alongside Goebbels, he orchestrated an ultramodern election campaign, while his Storm Troopers created violent disorder and bloody confrontations with Communists.

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Fear of the ‘Red Peril’ drove millions of German into Hitler’s arms. The country’s political elite, eager for the demise of the Republic, allowed Hitler’s rapid rise to power to continue, thinking that they could control him. But he obtained a vote giving him full power.

The concentration camps opened and Hitler persecuted his opponents and the Jews. He said he wanted peace, but in fact he was preparing for war.

Hitler’s Rise – The Colour Films concludes tonight on Channel 4 at 8pm

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