Holby City When Sacha met Chrissie: The wedding doesn’t go completely to plan in this rather sweet episode

by Matt D

So it’s time to write about a long-running programme for the first time and that being the ever-popular medical drama Holby City. Even though I’ve not reviewed the show before I am aware of the characters and storylines due to my mother’s insistence to have it on every week during mealtimes.

This week’s episode is a big one for Holby fans as it focuses on the wedding of registrar Sacha Levy and ward sister Chrissie Williams whose courtship has had plenty of twists and turns along the way. Despite the pair meeting and having a child together the path to true love has never run smooth especially when she got engaged to the secretly gay Dan Hamilton. Luckily they got together again and agreed to get married earlier this year however this episode sees one last bumpy ride for the pair before the nuptials get underway.

This episode, entitled ‘When Sacha met Chrissie’, shows the five days leading up to the wedding which Chrissie wants to be a small affair, involving just the two of them, however as you would expect things don’t go exactly according to plan. First of all Sacha’s two daughters, the clingy one and the stroppy one, arrive as he’d completely forgotten that it was his week to look after them.

I have to say that very rarely do Sacha’s daughters actually appear on screen, however it sod’s law that they would be around on the week of the ‘small ceremony’ and it’s not long before they discover why their dad wants them out of the way on Friday. By Wednesday more people know the truth after Sacha’s mother Esther finds out from one of her granddaughters that her son was to be married without her attending the ceremony. Esther then tells basically everybody in the hospital which causes a somewhat hysterical Chantelle to go into wedding-planner mode and Chrissie to doubt herself even more.

Chrissie seeks advice from her new confident Malik, who is her best bud despite copping off with her last fiancée. He instructs her to only go through with the wedding if she’s truly comfortable. At the same time luck would have it that an old woman had been brought in after suffering a car accident, before her partner rushed to her side. It later transpires that the pair were young lovers but he didn’t feel he was good enough for her and so they went their separate ways only to be reunited years later and have been inseparable ever since. This piles on Chrissie’s nerves as she feels that her love for Sacha may not be as strong as she first thought.

Thursday sees the stag and hen parties kick off with Chantelle’s evening for Chrissie being a suitably pink and fluffy affair full of cocktails and dancing. Sacha meanwhile has skulked off to Luc’s caravan along with Michael to have a very sombre stag do, only perked up by the arrival of Jac Naylor who reels off the ridiculous love life that Chrissie has endured since being at the hospital.

As Chrissie sneaks away from her party she journeys to the caravan presumably to call things off with Sacha but is stopped by Jac and, in possibly my favourite scene of the entire episode, Jac tells Chrissie that she’s not good enough for Sacha – a statement that I quite agree with. With Friday finally arriving it seems that Sacha has been stood up at the registry office but later he discovers that Chrissie has moved the wedding to the tacky restaurant in which they had their first date. I have to admit I really enjoyed the wedding scenes and had already welled up by the speeches however as this is a soap there was a dramatic interruption from Eddi who has recently really lost it.

Yes as those following the story know Eddi has been vulnerable ever since Luc took off the first time and fell into the arms of the dastardly and manipulative Max who essentially turned her into a drug addict. With Max now gone Luc thinks that his former flame will be on the road to recovery however she ends up stealing drugs from a patient losing Luc’s trust in the process. I absolutely love this story and especially the performance from Sarah-Jane Potts as the troubled nurse who thought she’d found love before it was snatched away from her. The final scene of the episode in which Eddi tells Luc how she feels about him now was incredibly well-played and will obviously set up the stories for the week ahead. The final brief plot involves the newest couple in Holby – Ollie and Tara who are still love’s young dream as he sweetly makes her hold his hand. The plot in which she uses her mother to act as a translator is slightly weak however the pair’s final kiss at the wedding was another romantic part of this soppy episode.

While I personally agree with Jac that Chrissie doesn’t deserve Sacha, this wedding episode was well-paced as her doubts were portrayed as natural fears of not being able to make Sacha has happy as he needs to be. I think Bob Barrett is always great as man-mountain Sacha, while the often stern-faced Tina Hobley gave an emotionally charged performance here. Veteran actor John McCardle was great as the man who realised the love of his life wasn’t going to be with him for long and I did enjoy how this plot played nicely into the Chrissie/Sacha story. Overall for a soap wedding this was an above average episode with plenty of sweet little touches throughout my only fear was that as the entire staff of Holby were at Chrissie and Sacha’s wedding who was actually looking after all the sick people?

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