Holly Willoughby, Fearne Cotton, Keith Lemon, Christina Ricci smash up the studio on Jonathan Ross – LMFAO and John Hurt pop by!

by Lisa McGarry

Holly Willoughby, Fearne Cotton, Keith Lemon and Christina Ricci cause destruction on the set of The Jonathan Ross Show this weekend when they try their hands at a magic trick.

Magician Mat Ricardo was recording a performance of his magic trick where he pulls a table cloth from under crockery on a table when the other guests on the show decided to give it a try.

Holly, Fearne and Christina each had a table with a few cups and saucers and a vase on and Keith had a table full of crockery, cakes, crisps, champagne flutes and vases. Holly was first up and pulled her table cloth twice before getting it out. She knocked her crockery over, but it all remained on the table.

Fearne was next, knocking the vase and several cups onto the floor. Christina had the third attempt and most things on her table remained standing. Finally, Keith took his turn and although he kept some of his china on the table, much of it was hurled onto the floor.

The game Celeb Juice presenters also played Egg Roulette with Jonathan. He had six eggs on his desk, five of which were hard-boiled and one which wasn’t cooked. The guests and Jonathan took it in turns to smash the eggs against their foreheads. Fearne went first, picking a hard-boiled egg, followed by Holly who also picked a hard boiled egg. But next up was Keith who was unlucky and ended up with the raw egg on his face.

Also on the show, Christina Ricci said it felt weird doing sex scenes with Johnny Depp in movies and she revealed that her co-stars on Pan Am once folded her into an over-head locker on the set of the television series.

She said: “I’ve known Johnny since I was nine and he was much older than me, so by the time we got to doing movies where I was his love interest we both were just cracking up because we were both like, ‘this is so weird’.

“He knew me as this little kid and then all of a sudden we were doing sex scenes and we were both like, ‘eugh’. Not ‘eugh,’ because of him but, ‘eugh,’ because it was somebody you knew as a child.”

She joked: “Uncle Johnny should never touch you that way.”

Christina told Jonathan about her role as an air hostess in Pan Am and that she is actually too short to have been an air hostess with the airline in the sixties.

She said: “You had to be five foot three inches to five foot ten inches and I’m only five foot one. I’m not actually tall enough to be a stewardess. We did fit me once in an overhead compartment. It was fun. It was just as a laugh. We pretended I was dead.”

The actress also revealed that she loves British television, especially TOWIE and Geordie Shore. She said: “I really like it a lot. Every time I come there are a bunch of new reality shows. This time the newest ones that I have seen have been The Only Way Is Essex, Geordie shore. I really enjoy it, I like it more that Jersey Shore.”

The Jonathan Ross Show, 9pm, Saturday the 18th of February, ITV1