Hollyaoaks Spoiler: Texas to emigrate to Australia leaving Dodger behind?

by Anna Howell

Hands up who would love to see Dodger and Texas finally find happiness with each other in HollyoaksDanny Mac, who plays Dodger, certainly does!

Fans of the hit channel 4 soap, have seen how Texas (Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove) and Dodger keep hiding their feelings and pretending that they are just friends with benefits.  And it seems nothing will make either of them budge their opinion, or open up about how they really feel, not even Dodger’s loyalty during the investigation of his brother Will, in the Lynsey murder case.

However, in an upcoming storyline, fans will see the stubborn lovers will’s tested to the end when Texas decides to leave the village to start a new life in Australia.

It is bound to have you shouting at your TV’s for her not to go, and for Dodger to stop her, but will they finally admit how they really feel and give in to their hearts desires.  Danny Mac, who plays Dodger, certainly hopes so.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Danny admitted he wants his character to settle down and enjoy a more serious relationship with Texas.

“I think they could, but who knows with those two? It depends on whether she stays in the village or goes overseas. It would be nice to see him change – he can’t be a womaniser forever.

“If they do get together, I’d like them to have a normal relationship with normal ups and downs. It would be weird to see Dodger in love. It’s a new side to him.”

When all the drama unfolds next week, it would seem that Dodger has finally come to his senses as he rushes to stop Texas from leaving in a race against time.

Mac explained: “He sees the bus pull out and so he chases after it but can’t stop it from leaving. It’s one of those moments where you think that he’s lost her, but then he turns round and she’s sitting there at the station because she didn’t get on the coach.

“It doesn’t mean everything’s okay, though – they still need to have a conversation about whether they can be a couple. It doesn’t mean she’s staying for good.”

Watch all the action on Thursday, August 23 at 6.30pm on Channel 4/Channel 4 HD.